They get along great with children, other dogs and animals and are confident in many situations. Much of this comes from correct training, but a strong, confident and stable temperament is also part of a history of excellent breeding and selection. We don’t just look at a dogs looks or pedigree when deciding on breeding, the dog MUST have a stable temperament. No matter how beautiful the dog is or how many shows the dog has won for conformation, if he/she has a weak temperament the dog will not be bred. Finding appropriate and loving homes for our puppies is very important. Our dogs are raised to be loving and loyal family companions. They come from excellent European bloodlines, and I don’t mean in their distant pedigree. All of our breeding females are imports out of the top European bloodlines. Almost every dog in their pedigree is a champion or a titled dog. The puppies have extraordinary looks with large bone and a big head with lots of expression and intelligence. They are what a true Rottweiler is meant to be… Absolutely stunning to look at with a stable temperament, sound body and amazing intelligence.l: The French Bull Dog!!!